Global Journal of Economics and Financial Studies

Global Journal of Economics and Financial Studies (GJEFS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal published 2 (two) times a year, i.e., March and September. The mission of GJEFS is to enhance the dissemination of knowledge across all disciplines in economics and financial studies. GJEFS applies theory developed from economics and financial studies to actual phenomena. GJEFS studies a wide range of economics disciplines, including applied microeconomics, behavioral and experimental economics, decision theory, development economics, econometrics, economic history, Islamic economics, economics of education, economics of technology, environmental, resource, and energy economics, financial economic, game theory, health economics, industrial organization, international trade, labor economics, macroeconomics, market design, microeconomic theory, monetary economics, political economy, public economics. Also, GJEFS covers a wide range of financial disciplines, involving financial markets (e.g., portfolio theory, asset pricing, financial intermediation, investment banking, behavioral finance), financial instruments (e.g., derivatives, futures markets, computational finance, financial engineering, financial econometrics), corporate finance (e.g., corporate governance, investment policy, agency theory, risk management), public finance management, banking systems, financial regulation and policy.