Focus and Scope

International Journal of Advances in Social Sciences and Humanities (IJASSH) is a double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal published 4 times a year, i.e., February, May, August and November. IJASSH has an inclusive ethos and is open to a wide range of methodological approaches and philosophical underpinnings and published for executives, researchers, and scholars, focusing on applying empirical investigation to practical circumstances and theoretical findings to social and humanities world reality. IJASSH aims to publish papers covering theoretical and empirical investigation across all social and humanities disciplines, including but are not limited to architecture and habitat, consumer and family economics, education, public administration, consumer law, media and communication studies, political sciences and public policy, population studies, psychology, sociology, tourism, arts and culture, language and linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, sports, social and economic development, social and community work, management, psychology dan human development, social behaviour, counseling, rural and urban development, youth development, sociology and antropology, politics and governance, ethnic relations, public health, social entrepreneurship, voluteerism, sociolinguistics, media communications and language and learning communities.