Journal of Madani Society (JMSC) is a double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal published 3 times a year, i.e., April, August and December. JMSC aims to publish papers that are of significant impact on addressing present and emerging societal problems to the developing of madani society and universal well-being world reality. For empirical research papers and literature reviews all experimental details must be provided, so that the results are reproducible. We also encourage the publication of timely theoretical pieces on topics of interest to existing and emerging societal questions. Subject areas engaged within JMSC includes but are not limited to history and civilization, management and human development, politics, government, and leadership, culture and heritage, language, communication, and literature, social welfare, education and human capital, economics and entrepreneurship, justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, social constructions of groups, identities, and relationships, science, technology and society, citizenship, active citizens, and participation in society, role of sports in society, challenges, risks, and opportunities for a local and global society, for social groups and their relationships, education, occupational landscape, health, and wellbeing of societies.